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Latest News

New Developments

Exciting transformations are taking place at our school!

  • We're delighted to introduce our newly established P.E. office, designed to enhance the teacher experience with dedicated space and convenient storage for P.E. equipment.

  • Our outdoor eating area for middle school and high school is now open for students to enjoy.

  • Additionally, a brand-new staff room is in the works, currently under construction.

Stay tuned as we continue to invest in creating a positive and enriching environment for everyone at our school!


Career Day

22 November 2023
This special event goes beyond the ordinary – students have researched and will present their prospective future careers, showcasing their dreams and aspirations. Adding to the buzz, our school will be filled with mini versions of the future as students dress up as what they aspire to be. To top it off, we're honored to welcome accomplished alumni as guest speakers, sharing their valuable insights and experiences. It's a day of inspiration and empowerment, laying the groundwork for the incredible paths our students are destined to take!

Latest School News: What's Happening
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