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School Curriculum


Vision Valley School's curriculum combines elements of the South African, Malagasy, and French curricula for preschool, elementary and middle school, transitioning to an international curriculum for high school, providing students with a diverse and well-rounded educational experience

Pearson Edexcel
IGCSE Courses

Vision Valley School's IGCSE program offers a range of subjects, which include English (Language and Literature), Geography, French, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, and ICT, providing students with a strong foundation for academic and personal growth, fostering critical thinking and global perspectives

Pearson Edexcel
A Level Courses

An A Level program typically follows the completion of IGCSE and is a two-year advanced level qualification in the UK. A Levels offer in-depth subject specialization and are recognized internationally, facilitating smooth transitions to universities worldwide

Academics: Courses
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